Release Notes: May 2022

New Features:



  • Users donating via a form will receive an error if donating outside of the allowed dollar amount (at least $1 and less than $100,000.00) (AMP-15311, FIX#43.4.5)
  • Donor statements will have a comma between city and state (AMP-14975, FIX#43.4.5)
  • Verbiage on receipts for recurring donations will be updated to clearly indicate how many recurrences there will be (AMP-14966, FIX#43.4.5)
  • Date formats on email and browser receipts will be consistent (AMP-14966, FIX#43.4.5)
  • When trying to add a fund using a fund name that has been used in the past, admins will see an error noting that the fund already exists (AMP-15197, FIX#43.4.5)
  • Donors will see updated and consistent wording regarding their donation throughout the web donation process (AMP-15756, FIX#43.5.0)
  • There is updated language in the Give Flow: (AMP-15755, FIX#43.5.4)
    • “Gift Details” → “Donation”
    • “Where would you like this gift to go?” → “Where would you like this donation to go?”
    • “Make this gift recurring” → “Make this donation recurring”
    • “Street Address” → “Billing Address”
  • When a user receives an email receipt, the “When” date format is formatted in the following manner: MM/DD/YYYY (AMP-15919, FIX#43.6.0)
  • Start date will display as today on Giving Receipts for Recurring Gifts (AMP-15920, FIX#43.7.0)
  • Improved text and images implemented on Gift Confirmation page (AMP-16024, FIX#43.7.2)
  • Updates and improvements to text formats on the app (AMP-7267, FIX#43.7.3)
  • Maximum donation amount is now $99,999.99 (AMP-15293, FIX#43.6.4)

Bug Fixes:

  • Downloading transactions to Excel will properly open an Excel file (AMP-15975, FIX#43.4.5)
  • The html code showing in receipts will be removed from the receipt copy (AMP-14780, FIX#43.5.1)
  • When using the Safari web browser, admins will be able to view and filter profiles without issue (AMP-15514, FIX#43.5.3)
  • Dragging the cursor left to highlight text in the Household window will no longer close the window (AMP-13798, FIX#43.5.3)
  • When deleting a note, the modal that appears will contain the correct wording of “Are you sure you want to delete this note?” (AMP-15871, FIX#43.5.4)
  • “Update Giving Passcode” will display once passcode is created and user is not able to create Giving Passcode a second time (AMP-15801, FIX#43.6.0)
  • Downloading a filtered list of transactions will result in an Excel file containing the filtered transactions (AMP-15979, FIX#43.6.1)
  • Users will be able to use the Transactions frequency filter of “Once” with other frequency filters (AMP-15908, FIX#43.6.2)
  • Occupation, Marital Status and Birthdate fields will be saved successfully when creating a profile (AMP-16155, FIX#43.6.3)
  • Custom Reports will be updated to display in the client timezone, rather than the user’s (AMP-15926, FIX#43.6.4)
  • Custom Reports will be updated to display in the client timezone, rather than the user’s (AMP-15926, FIX#43.6.4)
  • Delete Person confirmation modal Delete button is activated and not grayed out (AMP-16025, FIX#43.7.0)
  • Refunded amounts will reflect properly on the Excel export of transactions (AMP-15413, FIX#43.7.0)
  • Re-establish the user ID on outage impacted payments (AMP-16385, FIX#43.7.3)
  • Profiles imported using the template will successfully import to the Profiles > People page (AMP-15903, FIX#43.6.4)
  • User makes a giving donation, the user profile and email will match the gift in portal (AMP-16321, FIX#43.7.0)
  • Users without appropriate privileges will not be allowed to add or remove products (AMP-16276, FIX#43.7.6)
  • Sortable columns will sort when clicking anywhere on the column header (AMP-16427, FIX#43.8.0)
  • Previously uploaded vimeo videos are now visible (AMP-16071, FIX#43.8.2)
  • Download is successful when downloading a ParishSOFT Transaction report (AMP-16499,FIX#43.8.3)
  • Email addresses are populated on Transaction report when opened from Excel (AMP-16498, FIX#43.8.3)
  • Text-to-Act prompt to collect contact information with the fields all indicating an * as required (AMP-15938, FIX#43.8.6)
  • Upon processing payment, confirmation screen displays and confirmation email is successfully received (AMP-16458, FIX#43.8.4)
  • Preview image updated when there is a change to the Mosaic Header color in the portal (AMP-16425, FIX#43.8.4)

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