Release Notes: June 2022

New Features:

  • Funds – Users are able to edit the name of any internally managed Fund from the Funds list page (FIX#43.10.1)
  • New People Profile Capabilities
    • View and filter engagement and giving activities on a brand new ‘Timeline’ tab.
    • Add notes and links to the Timeline to keep track of important linked documents!
    • Add multiple phone numbers, emails, and addresses on an improved ‘Contact’ tab.
    • View and manage tags, households, and relationships on a streamlined ‘Connections’ tab.


  • Recurring donation section on Donor Giving Experience verbiage updated to “How often would you like to donate?” (AMP-15757, FIX#43.9.2)
  • When editing a transaction and there are no available Appeals, the dropdown will show “No options available” (AMP-16405, FIX#43.10.2)
  • When selecting “View Public Link” from the Forms Actions menu, the link opens in a new browser tab (AMP-16835, FIX#44.0.0)
  • New links added to any Link List feature are placed at the top of the list (AMP-14967, FIX#44.0.0)
  • App setup shows all available home screen images depending on device type (AMP-16766, FIX#44.0.2)
  • Receipt Customization:
    • Ability to apply custom receipt messaging with web link support on a per-form basis
    • Ability to apply custom receipt messaging with web link support on a per-fund and per-appeal basis for giving transactions
    • Ability for the user to view the read-only form response details from the form confirmation page

Bug Fixes:

  • Profile remains verified without having the need to re-verify the profile at a later point (AMP-16468, FIX#43.9.3)
  • Any $ Amount element on Forms is now able to be selected as “Optional” (AMP-16443, FIX# 43.9.3)
  • Organization with name that has only white spaces are not able to save and displays validation error (AMP-16406, FIX#43.9.3)
  • Frequency is not blank in the downloaded Excel file when the transaction’s Frequency is set to “Once” on report filter (AMP-16614, FIX#43.9.2)
  • 404 Error fixed upon clicking “Download All”
  • Error on Address field when address is valid fixed to only detect invalid addresses on Contact Us feature (AMP-15607, FIX#43.9.1)
  • Uploaded image to mobile setup places now remains in place when you navigate way from the setup page. (AMP-16444, FIX#43.9.0)
  • HTML file/slim application error fixed when downloading Transactions list to Excel (AMP-43.8.7, FIX#43.8.7)
  • An error message is displayed when an image larger than 10MB is uploaded to the Form Image Upload element and the image cannot be saved (AMP-13778, FIX#43.10.1)
  • When an initial recurring donation setup fails, users will be prevented from setting up a duplicate payment (AMP-16715, FIX# 43.10.3)
  • Spaces are not accepted for the required fields in Receipt setup for Receipt Subject Line and Receipt Body (AMP-16404, FIX#43.10.4)
  • Organization phone numbers will display on the Organizations table in the Phone column (AMP-16851, FIX#43.11.0)
  • When a user navigates to the Giving>Transactions page in the admin portal, they see a Profile name for every transaction (AMP-16980, FIX#43.11.3)
  • Only Funds associated to the selected campus will be displayed on the Forms funds options list (AMP-16483, FIX#43.11.5)
  • Group member profile images no longer display gray circle icon and show the actual image (AMP-16621, FIX#43.12.0)
  • Aware3 logo will no longer display on FACTS Giving client pages (AMP-14076, FIX#43.12.0)
  • Forms Builder – Any $ Amount element Description text fixed to and not overlaps with Amount Field (AMP#16485, FIX#43.12.0)
  • App Features with wide image tiles no longer show grey space below the image (AMP-16848, FIX#44.0.0)
  • When adding a new App Feature, the “FACTS Family: Lesson Plans” option is available for all admins (AMP-16798, FIX#44.0.0)
  • People Profile filter for “Has an active recurring gift” does not include profiles with canceled or failed recurring donations (AMP-16656, FIX#44.0.0)
  • In the Change Log, when the cursor is hovered over any Transaction ID, the cursor shows a clickable link (AMP-16811, FIX#44.0.0)
  • When editing an existing Form, the form loads immediately without the new form image flashing (AMP-16579, FIX#44.0.0)
  • People Profile filter for “Form Submission” properly displays long form names (AMP-16440, FIX#44.0.0)
  • When an Android user submits a Check-in, admins can see all the user information which was submitted (AMP-17043, FIX#44.0.0)
  • An email is successfully sent when an admin selects Download All from the Transactions table (AMP-16983, FIX#44.0.1)

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