Release Notes: August 2022

New Features:

Transaction Type Enhancements:

  • New types of manual transactions can now be recorded:
    • Cash: Other (Venmo, PayPal, etc.)
    • In Kind (clothes, vehicles, etc.)
    • Property (real estate)
    • Stocks and Bonds
  • There is a new ‘Description’ field available for all manual transactions to add information such as check number, Venmo, or other details about the donation
  • Donor statements now contain a more comprehensive detail of the transactions, which includes the new description field
  • New filters have been added to easily search and filter by the new transaction types


Mailchimp Email Integration:

  • Allows clients to share Impact profiles and tags with Mailchimp in order to send targeted email communications via Mailchimp
  • Email engagement activity is reflected in the Impact platform via the Profile Timeline tab
    • Sent emails
    • Unsubscribe data


Enhanced Forms List

  • Search by form title with the new ‘Search’ field
  • Forms initially sorted by ‘Date Created’ with the newest forms on top
  • Sort the Forms list by Active/Inactive status, Alphabetically by title, and by most recent response date



  • Create Pledges: Set up pledges for donors, customizing the pledge amount, installment frequency, and reminders.
  • Track Pledges: Stay on top of Pledges with a new report, allowing you to filter and sort pledges based on status, fund, next installment due date, and more.
  • Fulfill Pledges: Allow donors to make installments online using a unique pledge payment link OR apply transactions towards a pledge.

Manage Duplicate Profiles

  • Keep People Profiles accurate and consolidated by using the new ‘Potential Duplicates’ tool
  • Choose whether to merge or ignore Profiles flagged as having matching information
  • Merge an unlimited number of Profiles at once
  • When merging Profiles, fields that already match will not appear on the ‘Merge Profiles’ screen


  • When texting STOP, users now receive a clear “You have been unsubscribed” message (AMP-17450, FIX#44.5.0)
  • System generated emails for PCO user deletion are now only sent to the financial admin. If the financial admin is unknown, emails are sent to the first admin listed (AMP-15849, FIX#44.5.0)
  • When submitting a form without a payment and the submission is unsuccessful, the user now receives a message that the submission was unsuccessful (AMP-17801, FIX#44.5.3)
  • Client names are now included at the beginning of verification texts so recipients know where the text originated (AMP-17367, FIX#44.5.3)
  • Clarified the options for tile settings on the App > Features and Content page (AMP-18007, FIX#44.8.0)
  • a3/FF/FG Feature tile image uploading text is updated to “Upload an image” (AMP-18008, FIX#44.9.1)

Bug Fixes:

  • Long tag names are wrapped to fit within the width of the screen (AMP-17884, FIX#44.5.0)
  • Clients will only see the app features that apply to their app when adding new features (AMP-17529, FIX#44.5.0)
  • When editing a transaction and clicking Save, the changes are successfully saved in the transaction (AMP-17971, FIX#44.5.3)
  • When viewing the profile details page, the name, email and phone number appear correctly (AMP-17930, FIX#44.5.3)
  • When an admin removes another admin as a user from the system, and then re-adds them as a user with the same email address but a different name spelling, the new name spelling will save successfully (AMP-17817, FIX#44.5.4)
  • Notes added to a profile timeline are successfully saved (AMP-17617, FIX#44.5.4)
  • When relationships are added or updated, the relationship saves and appears on both profiles (AMP-17191, FIX#44.5.4)
  • When users create or update profiles using the app, verification texts are sent (AMP-18004, FIX#44.5.5)
  • Payment elements on Forms are successfully saved when the form contains both required and optional payment elements (AMP-17928, FIX#44.6.0)
  • Emails sent within Notes contain the note text in the email (AMP-17997, FIX#44.6.3)
  • Manually added transactions are listed on the Transactions page after they are saved (AMP-18107, FIX#44.6.5)
  • When calendars are added through the Calendars feature, those calendars can be viewed in app (AMP-17696, FIX#44.6.6)
  • Admins are able to successfully log into the portal without requiring a password reset (AMP-17716, FIX#44.7.0)
  • When importing people, the file is uploaded and correctly imported (AMP-17991, FIX#44.7.0)
  • The Transactions alert banner displays successfully and there is no extra space at the top of the page (AMP-18074, FIX#44.7.0)
  • When you go to Giving > Transactions, click Add Transaction, and search for a profile, the spacing per profile displays correctly (AMP-18105, FIX#44.7.1)
  • Admins are able to make a successful PCO connection for a client (AMP-18155, FIX#44.7.3)
  • Change log records are correctly displayed on the Change Log page (AMP-18215, FIX#44.7.5)
  • A single value is deleted when the backspace button is clicked in the calendar field (AMP-17371, FIX#44.7.5)
  • A forms notification email will display correctly on mobile (AMP-17776, FIX#44.7.5)
  • sms:// links are supported in Link and Link List features (AMP-17941, FIX#44.7.5)
  • Updates to a published, live app are completed without any service interruption (AMP-15901, FIX#44.8.0)
  • Forms are submitted successfully without an error stating the form needs to be resubmitted (AMP-18219, FIX#44.8.1)
  • Failed recurring donation payments that are not processed do not show up in the transaction download file (AMP-18432, FIX#44.8.2)
  • Filtering transactions by Fund name successfully displays the correct transactions on the Transactions page (AMP-18361, FIX#44.8.3)
  • Report pagination options can be changed and the results display accordingly (AMP-18440, FIX#44.8.1)
  • The text-to-give keywords “Campaign” and “Campaigns” have the expected behavior when used with or without a dollar amount included in the text (AMP-18172, FIX#44.8.0)
  • a3/FF/FG After merging two users, one or both of which has a primary phone opted into TCPA, the resulting user has a primary phone that is also opted in (AMP-18419, FIX#44.9.1)
  • a3/FF/FG When merging profiles, duplicate phone numbers merge and the primary phone is preferred. The verified status is maintained (AMP-18515, FIX#44.9.3)
  • a3/FF/FG When merging profiles, duplicated emails merge and verified email addresses is preferred. The primary status of an email address is maintained (AMP-18632, FIX#44.9.3)
  • a3/FF/FG When the View/Edit Transaction modal is opened, focus is on the “x” close button for accessibility (AMP-18500, FIX#4.9.3)

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Release Notes: August 2022