Release Notes: September 2022

New Features:

External Transaction Import

  • Clients have the ability to import large amounts of manual transactions for Cash, Check, Credit or ACH transactions
  • Clients are provided with a template in order to organize and categorize their transaction data
  • Transactions can be filtered by their “Source” of “Form”, “Import”, and “Portal”


International Push Messages

  • Clients have the ability to allow their users to create a profile in app without requiring phone or address fields
  • Global Admins have the ability to choose if in-app profiles are Disabled, Standard or are restricted for Non-US members
  • When selected, Non-US profiles in-app do not require a phone number or Address to be saved
    • Allows push notification ability using unique Device ID


Edit Transactions – Donor Notifications

  • A checkbox was added to the View/Edit Transaction modal allowing admins to optionally send an email to donors when their transaction was edited.


SIS Sync Speed

  • The SIS Sync page has updated design styles, titles, descriptions, and a new number of records synced progress indicator
  • SIS Sync speed process now only syncs updated records and it takes less time for records to sync


  • The donor phone number and email address have been removed from donor statements (AMP-18033,FIX#44.10.0)
  • When a user is blocked because they haven’t signed into TCPA, they will see a more informative message (AMP-18623, FIX#44.10.5)
  • When sorting Forms by Active status, the secondary sort order is now alphabetical by form title (AMP-18932, FIX#44.12.0)

Bug Fixes:

  • Deleted funds do not appear in the fund dropdown when adding manual transactions (AMP-18650,FIX#44.9.4)
  • When more than 50 funds are available, all funds will be shown in the dropdown when editing a transaction (AMP-18626,FIX#44.9.4)
  • Email notifications are sent only when a donation has been successfully completed (AMP-18773,FIX#44.9.4)
  • When filtering transactions, only the transactions associated with that client are listed (AMP-18987,FIX#44.9.5)
  • When downloading transactions, internal billing transactions are not included (AMP-18767,FIX#44.9.5)
  • When applying a filter to the People list and refreshing the results, the appropriate list is shown (AMP-18919,FIX#44.10.0)
  • When searching for a form, the correct result is shown in the forms list (AMP-18663,FIX#44.10.0)
  • Email notifications for forms have text word wrap and no words are cut off (AMP-18373,FIX#44.10.0)
  • When filtering transactions using the Before and After Date options, the dates from the filter are included in the filtered list of transactions (AMP-18442/18895,FIX#44.10.2/4)
  • On the App > Setup page, the Website or Marketing URL is saved successfully (AMP-19170,FIX#44.10.4)
  • Recurring gifts which do not process on the first date do not appear in the transactions list (AMP-18929,FIX#44.10.4)
  • All transactions associated with a fund populate in the search results (AMP-19131, FIX#44.10.5)
  • On the People List page, there is no white space or gap in between last profile and the bottom table border (AMP-18980, FIX#44.10.5)
  • All transactions are included in the downloaded Excel file (AMP-19053, FIX#44.11.0)
  • When viewing transactions in the portal, the fund name successfully appears on the transaction page (AMP-18229, FIX#44.11.0)
  • Admins receive an email from aware3 letting them know a profile has gift history and cannot be deleted from PCO (AMP-18542, FIX#44.11.0)
  • Phone number is shown in the Profile List and user profile details if a profile is added with phone number (AMP-18717, FIX#44.11.0)
  • When editing manual or non-manual transaction, email is sent to donor for notification of changes made (AMP-19098, FIX#44.11.0)
  • After initiating text-to-give, the user is given different numbered options to select from for each fund available (AMP-19303, FIX#44.11.2)
  • Emailed receipts for recurring donations indicate the remaining occurrences. The cancellation link option is also shown at the bottom (AMP-17578, FIX#44.11.2)
  • When checking transactions in CCB, the user has the same CCB User ID to ensure all gifts are recording properly and to the correct donor (AMP-18307, FIX#44.11.2)
  • When a gift is entered through the app, the verification of transaction is processed for $0.00 and that transaction will not write over into CCB as a gift (AMP-19273, FIX#44.1.3)
  • The fund description is left aligned in the fund choice dropdown (AMP-18413, FIX#44.11.3)
  • All transactions populate based on the settlement date filter (AMP-19417, FIX#44.11.4)
  • The profile data and image save on the first try of profile creation (AMP-17751, FIX#44.11.4)
  • The Forms filter on the People list only shows how many people filled out a form instead of showing all people (AMP-19147, FIX#44.11.4)
  • The unique data from all records displays correctly on the merge profiles modal (AMP-19390, FIX#44.11.4)
  • Fixed the accessibility behavior of the Add Transaction window (AMP-17513, FIX#44.12.0)
  • When filtering transactions by emails, the correct results are returned on the Transactions page (AMP-19505, FIX#44.12.0)
  • Profile Timeline giving activity for CCB and PCO transactions correctly displays the fund name (AMP-19127, FIX#44.12.1)
  • In-Kind donations now appear on donor statements (AMP-19463, FIX#44.12.2)
  • Recurring donations show the correct Frequency on the My Giving page (AMP-19384, FIX#44.12.2)
  • Invalid phone numbers starting with a 1 or 0 are not accepted on a profile (AMP-19389, FIX#44.12.3)
  • After clicking a tag on the Tag list, then filtering the People list by a tag, the correct results are shown (AMP-19106, FIX#44.12.3)
  • Credit payments batches are correctly writing over to PCO accounts (AMP-18777, FIX#44.12.3)
  • Column headings on donor statements are left aligned (AMP-18089, FIX#44.12.4)
  • Custom profile fields with Yes/No responses are correctly displayed in the profile export file (AMP-19441, FIX#44.12.4)
  • Links from an email to a donor statement do not show a blank page (AMP-18661, FIX#44.12.4)
  • The contact support email link for Outbound Text populates the email with the correct support email address (AMP-18331, FIX#44.12.4)
  • Spaces are not considered valid text for the Giving Receipt Subject Line and Receipt Body (AMP-16404, FIX#44.12.4)

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Release Notes: September 2022