Release Notes: October 2022

New Features:



  • When a user initiates text conversation with “Help” or “Info” then the responding message is “Text “give” to start a gift, “update” to change your payment info, “profile” to change your profile info, or “stop” to unsubscribe.” (AMP-19424, FIX#45.2.0)
  • My Bio is not shown on the app profile unless the Member Directory feature is enabled (AMP-19628, FIX#45.3.0)
  • The App > Setup page includes two new iPad resolutions (AMP-20025, FIX#45.3.9)
  • When a user needs to view an image, they are able to zoom in or out on the image (AMP-19557, FIX#45.4.0)
  • When a user texts the keyword Update they receive a response to update payment information (AMP-19425, FIX#45.4.4)

Bug Fixes:

  • When updating the fund on a form using the Any $ Amount default description, the description updates to the new fund (AMP-19627, FIX#45.1.0)
  • The Total Giving amounts on the App Dashboard and Giving Dashboard match (AMP-19822, FIX#45.1.2)
  • Filtering by Source on the Transactions page populates the correct results (AMP-19821, FIX#45.1.2)
  • Settled transactions appear as committed in PCO (AMP-19869, FIX#45.1.3)
  • In the “Your Recurring Payment: Cancelled” notification email, the time in the timestamp is set to actual time cancelled using client time zone (AMP-19834, FIX#45.1.5)
  • When a user clicks “Generate Statements” on the People List page and passcode is enabled, then the “Unlock Feature” modal appears (AMP-19435, FIX#45.2.0)
  • When an admin enters a manual transaction in the past, the donor receipt reflects the date of the transaction in the past, not the date it was entered (AMP-20049, FIX#45.2.2)
  • App users are able to view a Vimeo or Youtube video within the Interactive Video app feature (AMP-19524, FIX#45.2.2)
  • Feature title accurately shows special characters, not code (AMP-16145, FIX#45.2.4)
  • After updating a note clicking “Update Note” on the interactive note feature, the content clears and a new note is able to be created (AMP-20044, FIX#45.2.5)
  • URLs copied and pasted into the Image by URL field on the form builder can be seen before the form is saved (AMP-20058, FIX#45.3.0)
  • When a photo is added to a profile with a blank date of birth, the date of birth does not autofill on Android devices (AMP-19956, FIX#45.3.0)
  • App status bar shows the correct header color on iOS devices (AMP-19575, FIX#45.3.0)
  • Refunded transactions show settlement dates on the Transactions page (AMP-19540, FIX#45.3.0)
  • When the app checks for an internet connection, a backup service is also checked for connectivity (AMP-19359, FIX#45.3.0)
  • When adding custom messages to receipts, deleted Appeals are not listed (AMP-18957, FIX#45.3.0)
  • Forms with a Defined $ Amount do not save unless at least one item is added (AMP-16482, FIX#45.3.0)
  • When navigating to an app feature from an inbox notification, the correct feature title is displayed (AMP-14469, FIX#45.3.0)
  • On the Create Appeal page, the text and buttons do not overlap on certain screen sizes (AMP-20171, FIX#45.3.0)
  • When assigning tags to profiles from the People List page, the tags are added successfully (AMP-19840, FIX#45.3.1)
  • When a message is scheduled to be sent to a tag, the correct number of profiles associated with the tag is reflected (AMP-20066, FIX#45.3.1)
  • An unsuccessful profile import displays an error message with the reason the import was unsuccessful (AMP-17991, FIX#45.3.1)
  • Custom messages are reflected on donor email receipts (AMP-20084, FIX#45.3.2)
  • Donors are no longer able to select a frequency of Once with Unlimited occurrences for recurring donations (AMP-20419/20446/20422, FIX#45.3.3/7)
  • The Transactions page filter by Fund does not show deleted funds with no transactions (AMP-20294, FIX#45.3.8)
  • All available funds are displayed on the Custom Messaging page (AMP-19980, FIX#45.4.0)
  • When an admin updates an interactive note, then the success save message will display (AMP-20067, FIX#45.4.0)
  • In the appeals dropdown on the pledge setup a user is able to see up to 100 appeals in the dropdown and maintain the ability to type in an appeal name (AMP-20189, FIX#45.4.0)
  • Mobile number hint text is a valid format phone number (AMP-20296, FIX#45.4.1)
  • Pasted text is inserted where the cursor is, or replaces the highlighted text successfully (AMP-20205, FIX#45.4.2)
  • The link within a pledge reminder email functions properly (AMP-20490, FIX#45.4.2)
  • When saving a non-cash transaction for an organization it saves successfully and displays a success message (AMP-20653, FIX#45.4.3)
  • Overflow shadows are present on the right side of all appropriate tables (AMP-19952, FIX#45.4.4)
  • A donor whose recurring gift series has ended does not show up on the list of results of has active recurring gifts’ report (AMP-20048, FIX#45.4.4)
  • The correct button styles and colors display on the “Cannot delete profile” modal (AMP-20388, FIX#45.4.4)
  • When an admin is filtering people then the filter by results all correspond to show the correct results (AMP-20685, FIX#45.5.0)
  • For transaction import, when a user uploads a CSV file, it uploads successfully (AMP-20255, FIX#45.5.0)
  • A warning modal displays when a user tries to delete a profile with transaction history (AMP-20289, FIX#45.5.0)

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