Release Notes: November 2022

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New Features:

  • Forms Duplicate Elements
    • When creating a Form, the Admin may duplicate certain elements on the Form.
      • The duplicate element contains all the same attributes as the original.
    • An admin may edit the two instances of the element independently of each other.
    • An admin may not duplicate Profile or Payment elements.
  • Split Transactions
    • Enhanced View/Edit Transaction modal giving the ability to split cash transactions between multiple funds and/or appeals (up to five)
    • Split transactions are noted on the Transactions table, Change Log, Reconcile pages, and Individual Donor Statements
    • The email notification to the donor includes the split details in the Description of Change field
    • Splits are not allowed for non-cash transactions, pledges, or imported transactions


  • A new typeahead search functionality has been added to the Add Transaction, Fund and Appeal dropdowns (AMP-19691, FIX#45.5.1)
  • Text-to-Act response to Hi, Hello, and Profile has been updated to provide a clearer message to the user (AMP-19440, FIX#45.5.4)
  • Text-to-Act response to Start has been updated to provide a clearer message to the user (AMP-19439, FIX#45.5.4)
  • The App > Features + Content, Link feature contains updated text and feature options. (AMP-15970, FIX#45.6.2)
  • The App > Features + Content, Link feature contains updated text and feature options. (AMP-15970, FIX#45.6.2)
  • Texting the word “App” to (816) 760-2684 returns a prompt text to download the app with a link included (AMP-19429, FIX#45.7.0)
  • The delete button on the tag modal reads “Delete Tag” (AMP-20813, FIX#45.7.2)
  • The Transactions page Frequency filter for ‘Any’ transaction now reads ‘Any Recurring’ and the filtered results do not include transactions with a frequency of ‘Once’ (AMP-20891, FIX#45.8.0)

Bug Fixes:

  • The Mailing List report returns the appropriate results (AMP-20533, FIX#45.5.1)
  • Form tooltips are wider and disappear automatically (AMP-20415, FIX#45.5.2)
  • An Any $ Amount element with a 260 character description on a form displays the amount correctly on the emailed form response (AMP-20017, FIX#45.5.2)
  • The character countdown functions properly in the Any $ Amount description on a form (AMP-20016, FIX#45.5.2)
  • The date format on the import transactions template is working properly (AMP-20694, FIX#45.5.2)
  • Email receipts are successfully sent after submitting a form with an Any $ Amount or Course Registration (AMP-18024, FIX#45.5.3)
  • The Homescreen in the app is the same size and dimensions as the file that is uploaded to the Setup page (AMP-19356, FIX#45.5.4)
  • A valid email address is enough to save edits to a profile (AMP-17735, FIX#45.6.4)
  • The correct frequency will occur based on the chosen option in the personalized giving link (AMP-19459, FIX$45.6.4)
  • Deleted users are not able to login to the portal (AMP-20411, FIX#45.7.0)
  • The cursor changes from pointer to hand when hovering over “Add” and “Edit” buttons on the Polls page (AMP-20985, FIX#45.7.0)
  • Users are able to change to fund or appeal by using the dropdown (AMP-20818, FIX#45.7.1)
  • A warning message is displayed when an admin tries to delete a profile with an active recurring gift (AMP-20974, FIX#45.7.3)
  • Admin are able to remove text from the “About” and “More” section on the appeal set-up page (AMP-19682, FIX#45.7.4)
  • Donors using a non-primary email address to donate on the web no longer receive an error message when submitting the payment (AMP-21024, FIX#45.8.0)
  • When adding new users to the portal and assigning Forms permissions, the ‘Select All’ changes to ‘Deselect All’ when all forms are selected (AMP-16046, FIX#45.8.2)
  • The Total Giving amounts match from the App Dashboard, Giving Dashboard, and all downloaded Transactions (AMP-20984, FIX#45.8.3)

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