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“I get priceless feedback. People are grateful for the Chat feature, and it’s adding a level of commitment to our community.”

Pastor Mario Moxey
Bahamas Harvest Church

Have you ever wondered if a sermon resonated with your congregation?  Are you interested in finding an easy way to stay connected with your congregation throughout the week?  If so, the Chat feature is one to consider.  We spoke with Pastor Mario Moxey from Bahamas Harvest Church on how they use the Chat feature to continue the conversation beyond Sunday.

Aware3: How have you used the Chat feature at Harvest Church?

Pastor Mario:  We started using the Chat feature in early 2017, and it’s been phenomenal for us.  We call it “continuing the conversation.”  Sunday morning is just me speaking to the congregation; it’s a one-way conversation.  In Chat, people are able to post their impressions of the message and ask questions.  We engage in the discussion and answer questions throughout the week. It’s an open chat, which means everyone can read the questions and answers.  It’s an incredible platform for people to hear the heart of the pastor.  Chat provides a two-way conversation with great dialog.

Aware3: How have you promoted the mobile app to your congregation?

Pastor Mario: We launched the app in Jan 2015.  At first, we wanted the app so we could have a presence on people’s mobile phone.  However, the launch of sermon notes feature is what sold it for me as the pastor.  We provide an outline of my message in the worship guide.  With the Sermon Notes feature, they can have an electronic copy to send to others.  That’s what has drawn people to the app.  I’m able to put more in the notes on the mobile app than I’m able to include in the paper version.

We had about 14 people using the app in the first quarter of 2015.  In the last week of May 2017, we had almost 2,500 people on it.  It’s really taken on a life of its own.

Aware3:  Have you received any feedback about the Chat feature?

Pastor Mario: The idea of being able to express themselves and have an ongoing conversation is incredible feedback about the feature.  For a pastor, the reward mechanisms are that people received the message and can apply it to their lives.  It’s hard to know that happened in a typical Sunday morning setting.  However, when they’re talking with us on the Chat feature, I get priceless feedback.  People are grateful for the feature, and it’s adding a level of commitment to our community.

Aware3: Would you recommend the Chat feature to other churches?

Pastor Mario: Definitely.  We have to look for ways to engage our congregation beyond Sunday morning.  You have to create a platform to speak with a broader community.  I’m a very relational person, but with multiple services each Sunday, the only service where I’m really able to connect with people afterward is the last one. The Chat feature is a great platform for pastors to connect with people and answer questions that linger on after the message.

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If you’re looking for a way to keep the conversation going beyond Sunday, we’d love to hear about your goals and show how our Chat feature can help you, too.

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