“We rolled out the campaign in December 2016 to raise $40,000, and by January 2017 we’d raised $43,142.”

Derrick Breaux
Communications Director

If you’ve ever tried to raise money for a community outreach or special project, you know that process can be cumbersome.  From communicating the need to gathering donations, there’s plenty of work involved in the fundraising process.

Mission Church Ventura recently raised funds for their sixth annual “A Night to Remember” prom for special needs students.  Here’s our discussion with Derrick Breaux, Communications Director at Mission Church Ventura and how they used the Aware3 app’s capital campaign feature to make the fundraising process run smoothly.

Aware3:  How did you use the capital campaign feature for your “A Night to Remember” fundraiser?  

Derrick:  We launched our mobile app in September 2016.  On average we have about 1,200 people each weekend and have over that amount with registered profiles within the app.  People at Mission quickly embraced using the app, so when we decided to use the campaigns feature they were receptive to using that functionality as well.  In December 2016, we setup a button in the app for “A Night to Remember.” Those who wanted to give could click on that button within the app, see the need, and donate right away.  The campaigns feature made it easier for people who wanted to give to “A Night to Remember” to learn more about and donate towards this campaign.

Aware3:  How did you promote using the app to donate towards this fundraiser?

Derrick:  The app has become something that we push people to each week in our services so when we want to highlight something like this campaign; it’s easy to point people to that button on the app.  The look and functionality of the campaign feature are great.  I loved the ability to link to social media and multiple websites and keep the consistent look and branding of our event.  It’s nice that people can see the goal clearly and quickly see the generosity grow as you track the progress of the campaign.  We rolled out the campaign in December 2016 to raise $40,000, and by January 2017 we’d raised $43,142.  We received roughly half of that total via the campaign feature.

Aware3:  Would you recommend other churches use this feature?

Derrick:  Absolutely.  The ability to customize the app to make it look like Mission Church was important for us.  The campaign has the branding of the event, so it’s not just a generic giving page.  The campaign feature is well suited for short-term goals where you know the exact amount you need. Even beyond the campaigns feature, we’ve seen the app be a great tool for people at Mission to engage and connect.  It was a big step for us to move away from weekly printed material, but we’ve been really excited to see how well people have engaged with the app.

If you’re looking to raise funds for a community outreach, building campaign, or other special event, we’d love to hear about your goals and share how our Campaign Feature can help you too.