Sharing Information. A guide to using your Church App

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How to easily decide the best way to share info with your church.

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Presenting and organizing information in your app is a common task for churches who want to keep their content fresh and vibrant, but sometimes there may be more than one way to share. This can leave some on staff wondering, “What feature should I use to share information?” To help you make this decision easier, we’ve created this resource.

With a Link feature, you’re able to open a website link either directly in the app, or in a full external web browser. Once the website link is plugged in to the feature, clicking on the feature in-app will open the website directly with a single click. Our church partners commonly use the Link feature to link to Bible websites like YouVersion – a great resource that puts the Bible at your fingertips with the click of a link. Keep in mind this feature is best utilized with websites that are mobile responsive (easy to read on a mobile device, no pinching and zooming).

The Links feature allows you to list multiple website links under a single tile. Simply enter the links in the feature in your aware3 portal, then the list of links will be populated and will appear after clicking on the tile in-app. List any group of links together, as long as the websites you’re linking to look good on mobile devices (no pinching or scrolling)! A common use for the Links feature is for social media links – name the feature ‘Follow Us’ or ‘Social Media.’ Having all the social media links under a single feature makes it easy for users to connect with you!

Use Feature Hubs if you want to combine several features (beyond just Links) under one tile. Set up a Feature Hub for an upcoming event and include everything people need in one spot – sign up for the event, check in when they arrive, watch video or listen to a related podcast. Use a Feature Hub to organize everything Sunday Morning-related, allowing congregants to fill out a connection card, take sermon notes, pull up this week’s Bible text, and even access sermon video or live streaming.

Info Pages provide a blank slate to compose things like bulletins, announcements, small group information, or any other content you want to be able to edit on a regular basis. Format text, add images, and even add links to customize the page. Info Pages also allow you to replicate content from a website if the website itself is not mobile responsive. What does this mean? If you pull up a website on your mobile device and have trouble navigating the website (lots of pinching and zooming), this may indicate that it is not mobile responsive. Instead of using a Link or Links feature to pull in this website content (which may not provide the best viewing experience), you can copy and paste any relevant information into the Info Page to keep it looking sharp and easy to read in the app.

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