Leverage the global day of giving this #GivingTuesday

According to networkforgood.com, mobile giving has helped unleash people’s generosity, and there’s been a 14% increase in people’s contributions via mobile. The good news? You can harness the power of the global #GivingTuesday movement combined with the tools you already have to make a huge impact. 

With interest in #GivingTuesday on the rise (Google Trends), nonprofits raise more during year-end when they participate in #GivingTuesday (networkforgood.com). Total donations on #GivingTuesday are expected to increase by 21% this year and total donations are projected to surpass $331M. Last year, the average gift size on #GivingTuesday was $111 (Giving Tuesday Data Project). Your organization has the opportunity to leverage the momentum of hundreds of thousands of philanthropic organizations across the world with the movement of a single day.

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Kick off your global giving movement now.

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Week of Nov 4th:

Get started by creating or choosing a campaign or cause. Whether it’s your church itself, a cause your church regularly supports, or a cause you’re supporting for the first time, choose your cause and start talking about it. Don’t have an idea yet? That’s okay! According to givingtuesday.org, 85% of participating organizations used #GivingTuesday to try something new. So it’s a great time to test out one new idea and leverage #GivingTuesday to get your community excited to support your church or cause!

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Week of Nov. 11th:

If you haven’t already, announce your goal and get your community ready and excited. Need some inspiration? Start by talking about your campaign on Sunday services and adding the big day to your church calendar. Send a push notification or text message to your community with a link to your campaign or feature hub* that has all the content related to the cause. Use Text-to-Act and set up ‘givingtuesday’ as a keyword with a response to your campaign giving link or more information about how to get involved. Have a blog? Create a blog post with the story behind the cause.

Consider planning a #GivingTuesday event that coincides with your cause, whether it’s the day-of or another time this season. If you want to talk about your cause in the broader community, consider pitching your story to local TV, radio, and press contacts. Post on social media every day, and encourage people to share the link to the campaign with their social circles. Use the hashtag #GivingTuesday to increase your reach and be part of the global movement!

We created some #GivingTuesday specific button options that you can download for your app here.

*Tips for setting up a #GivingTuesday feature hub:

Create an Info Page about the campaign. Include a Campaign link, link to a volunteer form, and include a header image(example in slideshow below)

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Week of Nov. 18th:

It’s time to think about measurement. Plan how you will measure your campaign’s success using the tools in your aware3 toolkit. You’ve already got a great system in place, so you can easily report to your supporters during and following #GivingTuesday!

Continue to use social media and post something about your campaign every day across all channels. Enlist your community’s help in spreading the word in their social circles. Continue to leverage push notifications to remind people that #GivingTuesday is drawing near. Change up your messages to keep people engaged!

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Week of Nov. 25th:

Happy Thanksgiving! Leverage the themes of Thanksgiving and continue to spread the word about your campaign. On Sunday, provide one final reminder about the campaign during services and through social media, email, and push notifications. Take time to prep and finalize details for Tuesday.

Draft and schedule social media posts and push notifications for the big day. Send out a #GivingTuesday Eve push notification with a countdown to build excitement!

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Giving Tuesday:

Be bold about posting across all your channels throughout the day. According to givingtuesday.org, data shows that lunchtime and after work are peak times for people to give, so make sure to plan accordingly. Use images, videos, GIFs, and don’t forget to use #GivingTuesday to heighten visibility in the larger movement. Keep your community updated on your campaign’s progress throughout the day. Get that final push to reach your goal by highlighting that you’re almost there. Let people know that any gift matters, big or small.

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Day After Giving Tuesday:

Say thank you. Create an Info Page within your #GivingTuesday feature hub that summarizes the progress made during the campaign, and use a push message to direct people to this content. Use social media to express gratitude and provide a campaign summary. Remind people that giving never stops, and tell them how they can continue to be involved.