National Volunteer Appreciation Week

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National Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 15-21.

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Volunteers are essential for any church to function well, and letting these core people know how meaningful their acts of service are is equally as important. People who serve both in and outside the walls of your church simply want to know that their service matters, and that they are participating in something bigger than themselves. National Volunteer Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to recognize your volunteers. This week we take a look at how technology can help you show appreciation for your volunteers and recruit more people to join in.

A good place to begin is highlighting some of the stories and special people in your ministry. As people talk about the impact of their efforts, one of the most common themes is how the act of volunteering changed them as well. There is something significant about serving others, and as you share these impact stories you may notice how they inspire others to volunteer as well.


Share stories such as photos from a missions trip, or notes of encouragement with pictures of various volunteers through an Info Page. (Although most churches will name the button something like “Volunteer’s Corner.”) You can use this dedicated digital space to share quotes from current volunteers, include links, and even communicate about upcoming events.

[Pro Tip] Want to make it even more personal? Try using video to show a short message from your pastor or volunteer spotlight.


Having enough volunteers largely depends upon building a positive culture, and creating a feedback loop allows that culture to thrive. Hearing from your volunteers can provide meaningful insights for improvements from the people closest to the interactions. As a part of this process, surveying your congregation with a  Live Poll in your church app can allow you to gain instant responses from anywhere. Examples might include gauging interest in various volunteer options, or evaluating the effectiveness of your different outreach efforts.


Recruiting is a never-ending process, and with your aware3 app, you can streamline the experience for both staff and congregants by making it easy for people to express interest in volunteering. You can use Text-to-Act during weekend worship services so that people can respond immediately when you mention a need. Rather than directing people to an info table after service, which can create long lines, you can simply have people text a keyword (‘volunteer’). This allows everyone instant access to express their interest.

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