New feature highlight: Interactive sermon notes

On Sunday morning, everyone walking into church gets their copy of the sermon notes. This sheet of paper provides a place to jot down thoughts and highlight the key points and takeaways from the message. But those notes are only valuable when your people can make them part of their lives.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce interactive sermon notes, right inside your app. Now, users can take notes on their mobile device and save a copy for reference anytime and anywhere.

Why make your sermon notes interactive?

  • Drive greater generosity. Data demonstrates that the more users interact with your app, the more likely they are to give. Compelling features drive generosity, and interactive sermon notes do just that. 

  • Create a better user experience.  After they complete their interactive sermon notes, users can easily email them right away to themselves or anyone, like a friend or family member. Then, they can access those notes anytime in their email. They’re readily available at a small group discussion later in the week, or for encouragement months later. 

  • Simple is better. Just like your paper version, it’s all about keeping people engaged. Make it easy to follow, and don’t over-engineer your sermon notes. 

  • Give people space. Allow them to jot down their own thoughts and insights, and don’t box them in with too tight of a framework.

  • Interactive sermon notes help your church cut costs. When churches use interactive sermon notes during the sermon, fewer hard copies are needed. You may still print a few paper copies, but you’ll drastically reduce printing costs.

  • Make sure everyone knows they’re there! Use the push notification feature to send them directly to that Sunday’s notes.

Interactive sermon notes empower attendees to make Sunday’s message matter on Monday and beyond. Cut your printing budget, enhance their experience and get ready for greater generosity . . . and that recycling bin outside your sanctuary? It’s about to become a thing of the past.