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Find your calm. Conquer tech chaos.

Overcome tech overload with our free guide.

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Get your free Tech Overload Guide. Fill out the quick form below.

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We hear it from churches all the time. Tech overload can be disastrous for leadership, staff, and members. From scouring scattered information to keeping up with multiple platforms to onboarding burnout, tech overload is a recipe for stress and wasted resources.

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“I hate maintaining separate databases—having some of your information stored here and then some of it’s stored there...[the aware3 app] was something that I wouldn’t have to train a whole bunch of people on how to do something completely different and I wouldn't have to worry about our giving through the app not seamlessly integrating into our system.”

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To help you prevent or overcome tech overload, we put together an easy-to-follow guide. Here’s what you’ll takeaway:

  1. Understand tech overload and the consequences
  2. Assess your tech load
  3. Find the right tech balance for your church
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